Monday, September 7, 2009

i'm sitting in my bed, able to use my computer for the first time in months really. my power cord broke and i'm too broke to buy a new one. so jamie's letting me borrow hers, cause her computer is having bigger issues.

it's 1:37 am and i'm really looking forward to sleep but wanted to browse the inner-net for while. i just saw funny people with jason at the dollar theater where it was actually cheaper to buy 3 tickets, as you get a discount. 3 for $1.50, weird. the movie had parts that were enjoyable, but overall, i can say that i hated it. i still had a good time tonight, but the movie just didn't sit well with me.

oh, my job with bill didn't pan out, as some of you might have already heard. horrible miscommunication and i don't even really wanna go into it here, cause i'm over it, but as my employer for a few days, i have little to no respect for the man. i might be working at whole foods soon though, my friend brennan works there and says i'm supposed to get a call tomorrow from his supervisor and hopefully this all works out. a good job and discounts on groceries would be really nice. i like food a lot. i've been cooking meals a lot more down here in kentucky. i mean i always made food, but usually sandwiches and other stuff that wasn't really a meal meal. i'm going to be cooking the meal for the lunch on friday at the farm.

even though i'm broke i'm really happy. i can just feel that i'm in a good place in my life and there's so much potential and i'm optimistic. there is just so much to do out there.

p.s.-the church i go to, jeff street baptist at liberty, amazes me.

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Will Krzymowski said...


Anyway you could post some of the artwork you are doing.

You should also take pictures of the meals you make.