Monday, August 17, 2009

7, a lot has happened

last you read i was in sedona...looking at red rocks.

i now live in kentucky, moved from grand rapids with jamie and lydia. they work on a local organic farm (field day family farm) as interns and i had an americorps position at a refugee-focused community center for two months (americana community center). i had a job there as it was only two months long and it was really challenging and interesting. i had amazing co-workers and many elementary kids who have been through some tough things already in their life. we did some screenprinting, we played some soccer, we had water games, mustache days, ESL, went to the zoo, gardening, made a giant cyanotype, reading, we went to six flags, they got to throw a lot of water balloons at me, had pirate adventures. it was great.

some of my favorite names of kids:

jean jean
tai tai
hey say
benediction mwendepeke
bob brown

their name for me (the progression)

mr. brad
mr. bread
roti-putih (means white bread in bahasa indonesia)

here are some photos.

i just started my new job, i'm taking care of a garden for a man named bill. he's in his 30s and too busy with his internet business to take care of it anymore. he asked ivor, the farmer of field day family farm, for someone to help. it worked out perfectly. so i have begun to plan and research and weed and seperate crazy vine plants from other plants so they don't suffocate and am going to plant some fall crop this week. eventually i'll be helping to get a larger plot in a nearby lot ready to winterize so that it can be used as a garden next season. i also took some soil samples which i need to mail off today!

garden: day 1
garden: after 2 days!

on a side note, i really really like living in louisville and i could easily see myself moving back here in the future.

we've also been doing some canning all of a sudden. jamie and i have both done blueberry jam. lydia has done some tomato jam, jamie has also done some peach jam, and this weekend jamie an lydia made italian tomato sauce while i made dinner for the three of us.

side note, canning makes you very very tired.

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Will Krzymowski said...

NICE! I had a guy in my class who is from there. He said it was a similar culture to eugene. Sounds and looks nice! Any mountains around there?