Sunday, October 26, 2008

i've been meaning to post

really, i have. the farm is just really busy. i have so many things that i want to share with you but do not have pictures of them and pictures are really good for a lot of these things but instead i will just write some words.

jamie and i went to a garage sale in rockford and i got a hologram of a mountain and lake scene with ducks. i also got master of the universe live action film for jon and jamie got an nsync album that her mom took away when she was a kid because of the sons digital getdown.
i have aaron's plant light set up in my room. i have new cuttings from an apple tree, some kind of maple and another mystery tree from my backyard, 5 different varieties of succulents from my aunt's garden in cambria california, along with a staghorn fern that is mounted on a piece of redwood, which she also gave me.
i have pictures of redwoods from a hike a did with my parents at big basin state park in california 2 weeks ago. i just don't have those pictures on my computer yet. speaking of pictures i don't have yet, i have a roll of B+W that jon is going to develop for me at calvin next week and i have a roll of color that i need to take in as well. both are from the summer and both i can't wait to see. i'm also hoping to set up a darkroom in our basement after i get a safelight. speaking of california, my cousin also got married that weekend.
i've been overhauling my bike this week. i will post more with pictures at a later date.

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