Thursday, June 5, 2008

slavic soul party...and the one who searches and destroys

i just bought all of iggy pop & the stooges' albums at a flea market in moscow on two mp3 CDs for 8 dollars. it's a sad day. well, i got it because i only know one of his songs and i really liked it, and didn't really know where to start with their records, so i got this. if i like an album, i will go and buy it eventually. all of you are my witnesses and will hold me as you may have gathered. i am in russia. i've been here for the last two weeks visiting with my dad and old family friends. no, unfortunately i don't have any old russian family friends, although these american friends are still good to catch up with. all of them are parents of kids i grew up with while i lived in egypt, a few were parents to some of my closest friends.
there are many things to share about my time spent in russia though. too many probably, so i think i'll stick to the most meaningful or interesting things i've experience or had happen to me, things that i want to share.
the virgin mary, saints, tzars, generals, composers, writers, soviet leaders, unknown soldiers, hammer & sicles, and the common soviet worker. all of these things russian's hold in some way. it's their legacy, whether they believe in it or not, whether it was a hard time in their history or the crowning glory; each of these forces are still alive and at work in some way or another. i can see it in the people and the. there are impressive statues of heros in city streets, elaborate memorials in cemetaries, and intricately designed mosaics inside churches and metro stations. it's been a priviledge to experience all of these things.
since i've been here there i have noticed new things that i enjoy and appreciate about grand rapids as well. so much so that while i was at the market today i almost bought a historic map of michigan from 1905 that i thought was in russian. right after i asked how much it was and went into sticker shock, i looked it over again and realized that it was actually in german. i suppose in my excitement to see my home i neglected to read the it was all unknown to me, but admittedly it's pretty bad to get german and russian confused. needless to say, i did not pay up. i'm still trying to process the things i've realized about michigan, but one of them that i can say right now without having to explain much is traffic. it sucks and is completely non existant in my world in grand rapids. thank God. lastly, and on a different note, my dad and i are sorta jobless now. the company he works and started working for over 30 years ago, Amoco (now British Petroleum), had a deal with a russian oil company called TNK made back in 2003. over the past few months there has been clashes between russian stock holders and BP management. a recent lawsuit has put everything on hold and eventually all the infighting has caused BP to repatriate 88 of it's 100 plus expat employees back to their home countries where they've been told they will most likely be offered a job by BP there. my parents hadn't even really moved here yet and are going through a ton of transitional hassles because their plans have changed so abruptly. they sold their house in houston two weeks before this all happened. i can't believe it. all of their stuff had just arrived at the port city on the eastern side of russia, which has now been put on another ship back to the U.S.
i've lost my job for mostly unknown reasons as i wasn't able to go to our staff meeting we had at the beginning of this week. we will be closing on the 12th of july and i've been offered a job at the bakery instead. i probablywon't be getting as many hours but i've accepted for now. i think this is a good time and sign to really pursue a job in my interests. so it goes i suppose.

and again, on a completely different note, here is my moped as of 2 weeks ago. running great but still things to fix as usual. but i'm finally happy with it.
i'll be coming back to michigan on the 11th. i'm ready.

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Karen Abad said...

I miss you a lot brad x death.